Adding videos to your website is easy! Each of our website templates uses the same building blocks, so if there's not already an example video on the website you've chosen, simply add a block to get started.

Adding videos

1. Envato Sites does not offer video hosting, so need upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Copy the URL or the video's "Sharing link" 

3. Add a new block to your website or select the Edit Toolbar on any existing block that features a video

4. In the Edit Toolbar, ensure that the "Media type" is set to "Video" 

5. Then paste in the video's URL (or sharing link) 

Setting up video autoplay

You can make a video play automatically when a customer visits your website by adding some simple code to the video URL.

This is the URL of the Building a Website with Envato at Pause Fest video:

To make it play automatically, add "?autoplay=1" to the end of the URL. This is called a parameter. A URL can only have one "?". So, if the URL already has one, use "&" instead.

Our example URL will become:

TIP: You can add "&autoplay=1" to Vimeo URLs too!

Other video playback options

YouTube have a list of parameters that you can use on the video on your website. They're available here.

Vimeo's list of parameters can be found here.

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