All of the images that come with the website template can be replaced. 

IMPORTANT: Whenever possible, ensure your images are high quality and high resolution. We recommend a minimum of 500 x 500px. The Site Editor will automatically re-size or re-scale your images to best fit the design of the template. 

There are no specific image dimensions as the size that an image is displayed is determined by the size of the device being used to view the website. All of our templates are mobile responsive

Use the Preview feature to check how your images respond to different screen sizes. You may find that you want to crop or re-size your image and upload it again.

If it's important that your image is not cropped when your site is viewed on smaller devices, use the block called Image or Video. This block will scale the image so it fits the page but will not crop.

Uploading an image

To change an existing foreground image on a block:

1. Click on the block to bring up the Edit toolbar on the right of the page, then click Choose new image

2. Browse through images that come with the template or click Upload new image to choose a file from your hard drive

Uploading a background image

To add or change a background image:

1. Hover over the block and click the Settings button

2. Click Edit image then upload a file of your own or choose a photo from Unsplash

Adding a image overlay

Blocks with images as backgrounds provide the option of adding a semi-transparent layer of color over the image to improve the readability of text. 

The option to add color is located in the block's Settings toolbar.

This is the same block without any color layer:

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