Each website comes with a suggested feature color that works well with the general design. This is called the "Highlight color". It's easy to change the Highlight color to better suit you branding or content, and select more colors to complement it.

Choosing a new website highlight color

1. Go to Theme

2. In the Theme Menu, scroll to the section called Colors & patterns

3. Click on the Highlight color 

4. Drag your curser around the color wheel until you find a hue you like or enter a hex code if you need to use a specific color

5. Click Save

Other website colors

You can choose complementary colours that work with your highlight color for use in block backgrounds:

1. Beneath the Highlight color, locate the "Site colors" section.

2. Click the + to choose more colours

Changing background colors

Background colors can be changed when editing a block. 

1. Click a block to edit it 

2. Scroll down through the Edit toolbar to find Design Settings

You'll be able to choose a background color from a range that includes your Highlight color, Site colors and a selection of coordinating grays.

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